RENES: Development of Master Programme in Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Environment

In recent years Uzbekistan has paid significant attention to the practical use of renewable energy sources (RES) as they are viewed as an important factor of sustainable development and economic competitiveness of the country. Climate conditions and geographical location of Uzbekistan make very promising perspectives for future use of renewable energy sources such as solar and other renewable energy sources.

Current natural and institutional conditions in Uzbekistan could make the country an effective site for the pilot implementation of advanced technologies in solar energy with later dissemination and scaling up of the results not only in the country but in the whole of Central Asia. However, for the realization of intentions it is essential to expand and drastically improve the training of qualified personnel in the field of renewable energy.

In order to solve the existing problems in Uzbekistan on this issue, it is needed to improve state of training  engineering personnel in the field of renewable energy sources and sustainable environment. Therefore, it becomes relevant in Uzbek universities to develop fully compatible MSc program in RENES with European standards.

In framework of project “RENES:Development of Master Programme in Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Environment”, it is aimed to develop a new MSc program on Renewable Energy Sources and Suustainable Environmant and its implementation in all Uzbek project partner universities.

Main outcomes of the RENES project is creation educational base for training of  a new generation of engineers in Renewable Energy sources and sustainable environment. These engineers will be able to solve local and regional environmental and energy problems of industries and public administration institutions/societies in Uzbekistan. This objective is achieved by creating a new MSc program with complete curricula at the ASU,GulSU, UrSU, KarSU, TARI and TTPU. Main outcomes of the project will be a Full Master of Science curriculum with 12 courses compatible with European standards; fully functional and well equipped 6  Renewable Energy labs with all tools for analyses and experiments in the area; Uzbek professors, teachers with newly gained skills in  Renewable energy sources and sustainable environment; Growth of interest amongst specialists of industries and public administration institutions and the society in general in retraining and updating their skills.