RENES project was held at Turin Polytechnic in Tashkent.


On June 20-21, 2018, a working meeting of the RENES project was held at Turin Polytechnic in Tashkent.

After Welcome speech from Prof. K. Sharipov, Rector of TTPU and Welcome speech from Kudratkhon Bakhadirov, NEO Uzbekistan, was reported General update of RENES activities by Massimiliano D’Innocenzo (UNIVAQ)

The representatives of UZBYUROKES illustrate their assistance in the equipment delivery to the Uzbek partners.

They also invited all the Uzbek partners to use the laboratories for additional activities, mainly in research, and develop in them projects like Horizon 2020.

The following university partners presented the state of the activities in their institution: ASU, KarSU and UrSU. They have received the first approval from the Ministry and they will receive the final accreditation by the month of August.

To meet the national regulation, the three universities had to contact a bigger university as “basic” university for this new MA degree. The National University of Uzbekistan accepted to take this role and they are implementing the same curriculum in their institution: this can be considered as an additional result of the project and a confirmation of the good outcome of the degree development process.

Two representative of the NUUZ took part in this RENES meeting.